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Best Kept Secrets for Photos in the GTA

May 15th, 2017

Yesterday, we enjoyed our Sunday driving around the GTA. As we enjoyed the weather, we began looking at the amazing, hidden photography locations for our beautiful couples! This is where today’s blog came into play! Here are our Top 5 Best Kept Secrets for Photos around Town!

  1. Cherry Beach: An obvious one when you think about it, but no one ever thinks about this great location for their wedding photos! When it features sandy beaches, wooded areas, a boardwalk, and cute, cool bridge, why wouldn’t you have your photos here?
  2. Edwards Gardens Conservatory: In one location, you have a large fountain, a staircase, beautiful walking trails, gardens, bridges… It’s a must see that allows you to have both traditional and non-traditional photos in any season.
  3. Kensington Market: You go there every week for the awesome food and great deals, but do you ever notice the lively feeling or colourful buildings? It’s a great, hip neighbourhood that will get you amazing shots!
  4. Lawrence Market: Want something even more hip than Kensington? Check out this architectural landmark that has exposed, old brick, adjoining buildings, funky shops, and delicious food!
  5. Union Station: For those looking for something different and creative, this is the best place to go! The architecture is absolutely fascinating, the trains are beautiful and opulent, and there are so many different places to eat, drink, and take gorgeous pictures!

There you have it YPDers! Keep in mind, your photographer will know even better locations, so always ask them for their thoughts!


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