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Interview with a Past Client – Stefanie & Christopher

April 10th, 2017

I love when we get to sit down with past clients and discuss their weddings, and yesterday was no different! We got to sit down with the beautiful Stefanie to talk about her October wedding to her Prince Charming, Christopher. I hope you enjoy it!

YPD: How did you and Christopher meet?

Stefanie: We actually went to the same elementary school, but we met when I was in grade 9 at our local hockey arena.

YPD: How did Christopher propose?

Stefanie: He proposed on the couch while we were relaxing watching one of our favourite TV shows.

YPD: What was your style / theme for your wedding? Why did you choose that?

Stefanie: Our style was very modern. We wanted to have a ‘party’ theme and our hall had a really cool vibe that we wanted to accentuate with our décor.

YPD: Why did you choose to have a coordinator for your wedding day?

Stefanie: We chose to have a planner because we really wanted to be stress-free and enjoy every moment of our big day and not have to worry about any details.

YPD: Why did you decide to go with Your Perfect Day by Jess?

Stefanie: We were highly recommended to Jess by our décor company OMG Events.

YPD: Would you have done anything different? Whether it be with your planner or any other aspect of your wedding?

Stefanie: We absolutely loved every moment of our wedding and wouldn’t change a thing!

We’re so lucky to be able to spend time with such amazing couples!


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