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Top 3 Do’s & Don’t’s about Decorators

May 1st, 2017

It’s the first day of May, and we could not be happier! Beautiful flowers will start to bloom, the weather will start to warm up, and the colour schemes brides will be able to choose from will be so amazing, we can’t even describe how excited we are! With all these colours and options available, event decorators are essential in any wedding. The amount of work, time, and effort event decorators put into your wedding makes them valuable on so many different levels, because they make the vision of your wedding come true, whether it be how you want your house to look, the ceremony to look, or the reception! In the spirit of how critical event decorators are, here are our Top 3 Do’s and Don’t’s About Decorators!

Do… Don’t…
Make sure you have a budget in mind. People can spend thousands of dollars on their décor, and though completely worth it, it might not be feasible for you. When you meet with the decorator, tell them your guest count and your budget, and they will be able to tell you if it’s feasible or not. Keep in mind, though, that any worthwhile decorator will not leave their shop for less than $5,000. Assume you own everything after the event. Make sure you know exactly what your guests can take home, what is rented, and how much it will cost if a guest accidentally takes something home.
Ask if they charge a design fee outside of the actual design itself. A great wedding designer will give you three designs to choose from, but will charge you for additional designs. So make sure you’re completely honest from the get go on what you want and don’t want. Think that the design staff will stay at your wedding for the entire time. Once set up is complete, they will leave until it is time for teardown.
Check if you’re paying for food, travel or board for the team. Depending on the distance between the decorator’s office and the venue, you may need to pay for one, if not all, of them. Ask ahead of time so it isn’t a shock to you if it happens afterwards. Go for the decorator that’s the cheapest just because you don’t want to spend the money on décor. Your décor is what makes your wedding different from all the others, so you want it to be pronounced and beautiful!

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