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Top 4 Do’s & Don’t’s About Bakers

April 24th, 2017

It’s that time! Your wedding is approaching, and it’s time to book your baker! You want someone delicious, of course, but there are so many options for you to decide on, like if you want a cake, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, and so much more! So how do you decide which baker is right for you? Here are our Top 4 Do’s and Don’t’s About Bakers!



Taste the cake before you put down a deposit, and remember that the way your cake tastes now is the way it’s going to taste on your wedding day. If not, make sure somewhere in your contract there’s a money-back clause. Bring a bunch of people to your tasting. You will have too many different tastes and it will make it too difficult to decide which flavour to go with.
Select a style, either before you go meet your baker, or during your meeting. A true baker will be able to create a cake specifically for what you want, and by knowing what you’re looking for, the baker will be able to create something to your liking. Change your mind a couple of weeks before the wedding. Please remember that creating a wedding cake is an art form, and your baker may have started the unique accents already. Plus, they may not have time to create a brand new design for you.
Size up how many pieces you’ll need. If you’re serving dessert, or even a sweet table, not everyone will have a piece of cake. So assume everyone one in three guests will have cake. Leave without pricing out what you want. You want to go in with your baker knowing exactly how much you’re willing to spend before they craft something specifically for you.
If you have the budget for you, try going mini, where every one of your guests get their own, mini cake. How amazing would it be seeing the wait staff handing each and every one of your guests a detailed mini wedding cake for dessert? Get a cake and not put it on display! You spent money on this amazing artwork, so show it off!

I hope this helps YPDers! Don’t forget to contact us any time to help you plan Your Perfect Day!


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